Over 1500 cardiac examinations with cardiac MRI

For many years, cardiac imaging with cardiac CT (coronary CT) with the currently lowest-radiation CT in the region (SIEENS Edge, 128-Zeiler), myocardial scintigraphy and cardiac MRI has been a focus of Radiologie Baden-Baden practice. Partners of the practice speak regularly about the topic and have accordingly certified qualifications with national and international societies (among other things level III (trainer status) with the SCMR (Society of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance)). The highest quality in this complex area of ​​imaging can only be guaranteed if a corresponding amount of examinations are carried out and the subject is regularly dealt with. With over 1500 cardio-MRI examinations in cooperation with an experienced local cardiologist this is given. Highest quality and a close cooperation with a cardiologist also guarantee cardiac diagnostics at the highest level.