Our philosophy

We consider ourselves to be a team for your health. We take your concerns very seriously.

We understand radiology and nuclear medicine to be patient-centered medicine, so a personal physician-patient consultation and close cooperation with referring physicians are very important. This is the only way to achieve optimal results, in our opinion. Low-radiation diagnostics with the best possible service should make your visit to our practice as pleasant as possible. Examination technologies and machines of the latest generation help us to reach this goal. We will be happy to tell you about them.

Our philosophy:

  • The patient, who has come to us for help, is the focus of our work. Every one of our exams will be discussed thoroughly.
  • We keep long, uninterrupted office hours in order to be able to provide appointments for everyone, including families and working people. Emergency cases are examined as quickly as possible.
  • We strive to provide a calm, trusting atmosphere in which the patient can feel that we take his problems seriously. Ethical principles and patient autonomy are also important to our employees.
  • A friendly attitude is the foundation of the pleasant atmosphere, transparency, openness, and humanity of our practice. The physicians support their employees. They support their expertise by delegating responsibility. Regular team meetings help to optimize cooperation and provide timely information on necessary changes.
  • Regular ongoing and continuous education is a basic prerequisite for us in order to ensure the high quality that we aspire to in our work over the long term.
  • With our health care partners, we strive for honest and trusting cooperation. We cooperate openly with all colleagues from all specialties. If our advice is sought, we provide support to the best of our ability.
  • Our practice is an independent professional company that requires business management. Therefore, we operate in a cost-conscious manner and use our resources carefully.

Research and teaching

Forschung und Lehre

The Radiology Baden-Baden practice is an academic teaching practice for radiology for Heidelberg University. Individual physicians are also active in teaching at the Heidelberg and Aachen university clinics and the German Cancer Research Center (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum–DKFZ) in Heidelberg. Rapid transfer of knowledge of the latest developments in the fields of medicine and technology at our practice is ensured for our patients by these close cooperative efforts and teaching activities. The latest developments can therefore be provided to our patients quickly. Details are listed for individual physicians.

Some employees also participate in training for practice managers.

Cooperative efforts


Close cooperation with our referring physicians is very important to us in order to jointly select the right diagnosis and potential therapy for patients.

As radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians, we are dependent on referrals, that is, we perform diagnostics only by referral from one of our colleagues. Self-referrals are not possible for radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians, that is, the risk that potentially unnecessary examinations will be performed does not exist for patients in a radiology and nuclear medicine practice. This best possible independence between diagnostics (by us) and therapy (by the referring physician) means that the patient can be confident that only truly necessary procedures that are potentially relevant to the therapy are performed. Diagnostics are performed by an experienced team of expert radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians, which covers the entire spectrum of diagnostics and can provide independent advice as needed.